#DisneyboundChallenge Day 2

Today is sidekicks day on the #disneyboundchallenge! Creating these looks was so much fun! But with so many awesome Disney sidekicks to choose from, picking these characters was not without its challenges.

Anne went for a Disney classic with Flower, the adorable skunk in Bambi. She wore our favorite Rita dress in black from Unique Vintage and a white scarf from Amazon to tie it all together.


I decided to dress up like one of my favorite fishes in the sea… Dory. I am not sure if she is still technically a sidekick since she got her own movie last year, but originally she was so I stand by my decision. I got this blue skirt from Amazon, the bodysuit is from Alice and Olivia, and the boots are from JustFab. The jacket… well I am not sure where it was from as it just appeared in my closet. But I am glad I found it!



Who are some of your favorite Disney sidekicks? Did you bound today? Sound off below!

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