#Disneyboundchallenge Day 1

As you may know, Kaitlin and I are huge Disneybound fans. If you don’t already know what Disneybounding is, let us give you a brief overview! Disneybounding is when you utilize your wardrobe to color block or give off the vibe of a certain character! For example, a blue top, yellow skirt, and red belt would be a portrayal of Snow White!

So, what is the Disneybound Challenge? For the month of March, each day has a specific theme that you are challenged to create a bound for. You post your photos to your social media channels using the #disneyboundchallenge tag, and off you go! This year the first day happens to be themed “Big Hero 6.”

Kaitlin took a classic approach with Baymax in our favorite style, the “Rita” from Unique Vintage in white. Shooting this was a blast with Kaitlin trying to “act like a robot”. Fun fact: She has never actually seen “Big Hero 6”. Crazy, I know. But she still pulled off the look and makes a pretty great Baymax.



I went with our superhero blonde scientist, Honey Lemon! Being blonde is giving me all sorts of inspo for characters this month. I am sporting the classic yellow Jenny Dress from PUG. The Jenny dresses are a staple for Disneybounding as a classic one color dress lets you create so many characters using the same piece! I think I now own 5 different colors! I added the pink scarf to represent Honey Lemon’s hot pink glasses for a vintage twist!


We are hoping to get posts up of our looks everyday, will you be joining in on the Disneybounding craziness? Let us know below and make sure to follow our instagram adventure this month!

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