Fairest of Them All: Behind the Bound

Hi everyone! Kaitlin here. Did you miss me?

There is one princess I have always had a hard time tackling. In fact, she is one of the only princesses I have never attempted to bound in any way. But thanks to a couple glasses of red wine, the accessibility of Amazon and me taking the #disneyboundchallenge as a literal challenge… I decided it would be a good time to change that.

First thing first, I know I can’t pull off black hair. It isn’t in me. I figured I would just eliminate the “hair as black as ebony” part of the narrative for the day and opted for this brown K’ryssma lace front  *instead. Anne also has it and I always love how natural it looks on her.  I was extremely pleased with this purchase and I can’t wait to wear it for so many other bounds.


The skirt and the top are also from Amazon. I loved that this skirt had a removable sash that could be worn several ways. This will definitely be a piece that gets reused for Belle in the near future. The navy top was a no brainer. I can wear this out in the real world as well. Although, I am beginning to this my version of “the real world” is actually Disneyland. 

The flats are Jessica Simpson suede Mandayss ballet flats. I am obsessed. I have a super narrow foot so I was really nervous about how they would fit. They are absolutely perfect. And they were only $33! Such a steal for a comfortable pair of shoes. Debating ordering a second pair for that “real world” I was talking about before.


And then of course… the purse. I am not usually a novelty accessory buyer. Anne always gets the cutest bags for her bounds but I can’t ever pull the trigger. However, this one was the exception. I didn’t really think I was going to find anything when I typed in “Apple Purse” into my amazon search bar. But low and behold, there it was. And under $20. Done. Mine. End of story. The purse tied the look together so well and somehow made me more confident in my bound.

I did also buy a caramel apple for photos. It is still sitting in my fridge. Fun fact: I don’t really like apples. Maybe an evil queen really has tried to poison me once and I repressed the memory? Who knows. But it made for a great picture. Shout out to Anne’s hand for being so sinister and holding my apple for me!

The highlight of this day though, was meeting this kid. I don’t know her name. But she slayed. We found her on our way to meet the Evil Queen who was about to leave her post. This girl BROUGHT HER OWN APPLE  to give to the real Snow White. Child goals. I fan girled over her and asked to take a photo with her. She agreed and turns out, even though she likes to dress up as a villain, she is the sweetest little girl.


So, what other brunette bounds should I do? I want to wear this wig all the time. Drop your comments here or over on our instagram page!

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