Besame Cosmetics Sleeping Beauty 1959 Collection Review (and sale code!)

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Words I would use to describe the latest Besame collection? Dreamy, elegant, and Princess-worthy! I recently received the newest Sleeping Beauty Collection from Besame cosmetics and was awe-struck, from the packaging to the finish on the products, the collection is an absolutely must for Disney makeup fans! Thinking of picking up some of the collection for yourself? Check out my review to see what you may need! You can also watch my unboxing to see the products closer up!

A little bit about the collection….

The collection was released in honor of the 60th anniversary of Sleeping Beauty, Disney’s last cel animated movie. The colors in the collection were developed in partnership with Disney Archives and Disney Ink and Paint Department to match the art and animation perfectly. I think this is such an original concept for Disney makeup, and as a cosplayer and Disneybounder – there’s not much more you could ask for then to have screen accurate colors at your fingertips!

I felt a strong connection to this collection as this summer I attended a panel at San Diego Comic Con with some of the animation team from Sleeping Beauty – now in their 80s. There were entire teams that worked on just one character or feature of a character. It made me revisit the movie with a new appreciation! Check out some of this one of a kind collection below!

1959 Eyeshadow Palette: Price $68

Not only is this palette shaped like a book, but also includes pages of references from where the colors came from for both Aurora and Maleficent! The palette also features a mirror on the back of the front “cover.” The colors in the palette themselves are very bright and beautiful, but I have found there is fall out on all the colors I have tried. Just be sure to tap your brushes off before applying to avoid any colored dust getting on the rest of your face. My only other wish for this palette would be to have more of a neutral color to put on as a base, the nude colors in the palette are personally too dark for me to use as a base. However, as a makeup lover and enthusiast I have many other eyeshadows I can use as a base and this wouldn’t keep me from getting the palette just keep it in mind! Get it here.

Royal Vanity Mirror: Price $68

I love that they included a piece in the collection that can be a part of your makeup setup forever! This mirror is just gorgeous both to stare at and to add to your vanity for a glamorous feel, and as a bonus – it matches my Aurora tiara from Fairytale Wigs exactly! Get it here.

Briar Rose Blush Palette: Price $35

I’ve been using this blush and highlight palette everyday since receiving the collection and am very happy with it! I have been combining a bit of each blush for my cheeks and have been using the more white highlight for my cheeks and nose. I did try out the pink highlight color, and loved the color on my cheeks but not my nose. All of the colors are very pigmented so you don’t need much product to get the desired effect! Get it here.

Aurora’s Translucent Powder Price $18 SOLD OUT

I love the idea of this product – how it looks bright pink but applies translucent – but it does not replace the finish I get using my normal finishing powder (Laura Mercier). It does feel nice on the skin and give a glowing look, plus looks cute on my vanity! This is sold out right now but check back for restocks!

Sleeping Beauty Pink Lipstick: Price $24

This color is a must for your collection. All the lipsticks have the same container so I will only mention how much I love it this once! It feels luxurious and heavy and looks great on display. The color is very pigmented and works for both day or night, casual or dressed up! Get it here.

Make it Blue Make it Pink Lipstick: Price $24

I’ve had a few lipsticks in the past that change colors from the one you see in the tube, however the concept makes perfect sense for this collection. I do wish there was also a blue gloss or lipstick in the color you see in the product too! Get it here.

Maleficent Lipstick: Price $24

You’ll look villainously good in this perfect dark pink! This lipstick can take you from day to night and pairs great with your best leather jacket! Get it here.

Locket Cream Rouge: Price $18

This locket is the perfect gift, functional and stylish! The locket isn’t too heavy to wear and I have been loving wearing it on my lips as well for a dash of color. I love me some multi-functional makeup! Get it here.

Sold on the collection? Get everything in the collection in one bundle here.

Products being reviewed were gifted but all opinions are my own – we use affiliate links which means we may receive a portion of any sales we generate and it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

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