Closet Cosplay: Briar Rose

Hi all! Anne here with an easy cosplay walk through for you.  A closet cosplay is when you have all the items you need for a costume right in your closet! Today I’ll be walking you through everything that went into my Briar Rose cosplay for Stan Lee’s Comic Con. I actually decided the day before what I would cosplay as since I had all these materials in my closet!


DRESS: The core of this costume is the dress. Luckily, Hot Topic makes this part super easy! With their frequent releases of cosplay/disneybound oriented designs, I decided I needed this Briar Rose dress in my life as soon as it was for sale. When I was trying to think of a last minute cosplay, my mind immediately went to this dress! While this isn’t a 100% accurate Briar Rose dress, with different length and fabric, but you don’t need to have a perfect recreation to have a successful cosplay. You can also see information on my Coachella Briar Rose disneybound that would also be a great fit for a closet cosplay (pictured below)! Skirt ($9.99), necklace ($10.99) and shoes ($15.99) from Amazon!


HAIR: Next is the wig, I’m wearing a wig from The Charmed Comb (our favorite). You can shop her Etsy here. Another option would just to be to style your own hair or a blonde wig in a similar style! Incorporating a black ribbon will pull together the look regardless if you have an Aurora wig!

ACCESSORIES: I happened to have this basket in my closet from a Dorothy cosplay (I know some people may not), the scarf I borrowed from my friend @foreversongcosplay, and added a mini owl key chain to my basket just for a small added detail! A great part of having a basket was that I used it as my purse! It was easy to toss in my phone and keep water and a snack handy when I needed it.

Here are some accessories available on Amazon prime! Click the photo to go to the item.

SHOES: You could really go any direction with the shoes. I chose my standard Jessica Simpson ballet flats as I felt they were great for an Aurora vibe! A major plus is that these are so comfortable and perfect for so many occasions, definitely not just a cosplay purchase. Mine are a square toed version of the top image below, and I also found a sparkle version on Amazon, so cute! Click the image to go to the item. 
So what do you guys think? Is this something you think you could pull together relatively easily out of your closet? Is there another closet cosplay you’d like to see next?

Briar Rose photos by @tyrawrrnosaurus

Let us know in the comments!

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