Cinderelly Cinderelly!

68 years ago today, Cinderella graced the silver screen and was Disney’s biggest box office success since Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Turns out, princesses are a huge crowd pleaser.

Kaitlin here– Cindy has been my personal favorite princess since I was a little girl. I actually cried at one point because I really wanted an evil stepmother.  After that debacle, my grandmothers friend would pretend to be my “evil stepmother” so I would do chores around the house, all while happily singing “Sing Sweet Nightingale”. Oh to be five years old again. Funny enough, when Anne was little and her mom asked her to do chores, she would also sing while she did them and pretend her evil stepmother was making her. If you haven’t caught on by now… apparently we are the same person.

If I had my way, I would bound as Cinderella every day of every week. Ok let’s be real. If I had my way I would be actually be her. No shame. Especially if it meant I got to have Richard Madden, aka Kit from the live action movie, aka Rob Stark as my prince.

Below are some of our favorite Cindy bounds from the last couple years. Which is your favorite?



You can find some of these looks and more amazing Cinderella inspo at:


Unique Vintage




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