SCISSORHANDS the Musical comes to the LA Rockwell

Just in time for the holidays, Scissorhands, that’s right – just like the classic film – has come back to LA for the second year at the LA Rockwell! It’s been 29 years since the Tim Burton film has graced the big screen and as a huge fan, this musical adaptation does not disappoint! We attended Scissorhands on opening night, perfectly on the release date anniversary, from the drinks and food to the interactive story telling – we had the most amazing evening!

The night started off with a pre-show starring David Terry. With his magical voice, he covered classic Holiday songs with a twist and songs from some of my favorite Tim Burton movies.

David Terry performs “Sally’s Song” from Tim Burton’s Nightmare before Christmas

The venue has a two item per person food/drink which is easy to hit with a double sided menu and drink specials just for this show, including “The Snow Angel,” with Dorda sea salt caramel topped with a tootsie roll & “The House on the Hill” with Ghost tequila, cranberry, lime and orange juice.

We split the grilled cheese which came with a delicious tomato soup for dipping

Then we got to the show itself! I didn’t read any reviews prior to the show in order to go into completely fresh minded, but we were so surprised to find that the song list is made up of entirely pop songs! From Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman,” to Lady Gaga’s “Shallow,” each song made its way perfectly into the plot and into the audience’s hearts. The entire show we had so much fun being part of the story – the way the stage was set up allowed for cast interaction frequently – one member of the cast even took a sip from our water glass! I would highly recommend re-watching the movie before seeing the show as there are a lot of little one liners you’d only understand from seeing the movie.

Peg, performed by Emma Hunton, sings “Bleeding Love” after Edward knicks her finger

I don’t want to give too much away but I will say that overall the show was outrageously funny, interactive and bursting at the seams with talent. I feel living in LA we sometimes be a bit jaded with the talent living within the city – to hear Broadway caliber singing a few feet from you is just absolutely incredible, and to have all this worked into a Tim Burton parody? Mind blowing! Unlike seeing a Broadway show however, you can take as many photos and videos of the performance which makes for a great way to document your night out at the LA Rockwell!

Edward played by Jordan Kai Burnett lounging on the back of our seats as a make-shift bed!

I can’t recommend this show enough to everyone in town for the next few weeks. It’s the perfect venue and show for a date night, girl’s night out or (adult) family outing!

This show’s limited run goes through January 5th with options for matinees as well so be sure to get your tickets now! You can snag your tickets here and be sure to let me know what you think of the show!

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