Behind the Bound: Sorcerer Mickey DIY

Happy 90th Birthday Mickey! When the big Mouse in charge has such an important birthday, you know we need to dress accordingly! In all my Disneybounds over the last several years, can you believe that I have never Disneybounded as Mickey?! So I felt I owed him a big Disneybounding-debt to come out with something that would really make him happy on his big day! Thus.. DIY Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey came to life!


What you’ll need: cape, felt, red dress (or red pants/shirt-whatever you have or are feeling!)

Cape: I went to my trustworthy Amazon search for the perfect cape. I was inspired by trying to put together a more mens-wear look for Mickey and I thought the Blazer cape added the perfect touch! You can get the same one I got here! You could also do a regular blazer in the same royal blue color like this one!

Cape Decoration: Felt! You can grab some basic white felt sheets from your local Michaels or Joann store or if you’re like me and just want everything delivered via Amazon.. here’s a giant piece of felt you can grab online!

One I had the felt, I traced different size moons and various stars on with a pencil and cut out them out! For size reference I used my little plushy moon prize from Pixar Pier but you can do a few testers to see what size you like. The pencil lines shouldn’t show through the other side but be careful to draw lightly if possible.

To attach the various shapes I used a needle and thread to hand stitch quickly around the edges of all the shapes. I decided to hand stitch so that the shapes would be easily removable. If you want a more permanent method, machine sewing would also work great! If all that sewing seems daunting, you can also use some fashion tape on each shape for easy application and removal. I’ve done this for many last minute bounds in the past!

Red dress: This dress is the Rita style from Unique Vintage. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing it available on their site anymore to link you to, but really this could be anything red from your closet or something cute like the below from Amazon! (click the image to shop)

Accessories: I finished off the look with a belt I had from Top Shop (to reference the rope he wears) but a cute gold necklace or accessory would also have the same effect! I was hoping to buy plain Mickey ears when I went to the park but sadly they stopped selling them. Instead, I picked up the sequin Minnie ears and I think they added just enough sparkle to the look! You could also save some major cash and order some plain ones on Amazon, and either leave them black or add your own decoration to finish this custom look!

Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY and found it helpful for your next Disneybound! This could be a fun way to customize not only for Sorcerer Mickey, but any character! Let us know what you think below!

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