Behind the Bound: Pizza Planet Delivery Crew

What else could a girl ask for besides friends, iced coffee, and PIZZA!?! Well, that would be combining them all for the ultimate Disneybounding day! This look had been cooking up in my mind from the time Pixar Pier was announced and I was so excited we had such a great turnout! Thank you to all our friends that joined in and a special thank you to our photographer for the day

The outfit: Luckily this bound was super simple and I wanted as many friends to be able to participate as possible! The plan was easy, everyone was to get the same shirt and we would all wear a red bottom: pants, shorts, skirts, etc. These shirts are available in stores and online from BoxLunch and Hot Topic. They are in men’s sizing so be sure to check out the size guide to check if you need to downsize. My skirt is from Amazon and I’ve been loving it so much I just ordered it in black as well! You can get it right here!*

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 9.31.26 PM

The accessories: I made our pizza box purses out of actual pizza boxes! These are 9x9in boxes from Amazon, perfect individual sized. You can get the plain boxes here,* it’s about $15 for 10 boxes, not too bad! To actually make them into purses, I assembled them as normal, taped on my graphics I had printed out, lined the inside with red felt and attached the chain with two hooks from a picture hanging set I got from the dollar store. You can use any detachable chain you have from an existing purse or buy a standalone one like this* on Amazon.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 9.32.03 PM

We had so much fun “delivering” pizza around the parks and apparently we were too convincing, as we had so many adults asking us about how the delivery in the parks worked and were interested that they just let us go on rides after our shifts! All in all, it was very amusing, comfy, and fun! We can’t wait to get a big group of friends together for a new bound in the future! We hope to see many Pizza Planet coworkers out there soon!

Here’s some quick links to items discussed in the article as well as some fun extras! Bon appetit my loves! Here’s to a speedy delivery across your galaxy!


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