Coachella Essentials!

Wow, is it really time for Coachella again? It seems like just yesterday we were running around the desert in our Charmed Comb wigs and custom bikinis launching this very website. Crazy how time flies! It has been such a wild year, and we are so fortunate and excited to be heading back to the festival this year!

We are also pleased to announce that we have partnered with Village29, a new campsite located just 5 miles from the Polo Fields. They have some amazing accommodations that we cannot wait to check out! Our tent, is one of their safari “glamping” tents. Equip with real beds, linens, and even AC! They even include 1 meal a day in your accommodation package and after parties including one hosted by Snoop Dogg! It is a pretty sweet deal and I highly suggest checking them out if you are attending Coachella or Stagecoach. It’s rare to find a discount for your Coachella stay, we are excited to give you guys this exclusive discount, use our code: KAITLIN to get 5% off your stay!



Ok. Onto essentials. Traveling out to the desert is no easy task. Sure, it is close enough to LA. But with temperatures being in the 90s, the sun being out and ready to burn… there are things you have to do to protect yourself. Here are a few of our Festival Must Haves* for the upcoming summer!

  1. SUNSCREEN. Seriously, does this even need to be said? Lather yourself in it. Bathe in it. Just don’t try to bring aerosol cans into the festival. Lotion only. You can thank us later.
  2. Phone chargers: The external battery kind. The last thing you want to do is lose your friends in a sea of 150k people. Unless you don’t like your friends… then you have a bigger problem. You can even try one of these solar chargers which charges via outlet but also out in the sun while you are enjoying your music! What’s better than rewarded for soaking up the sun!
  3. Collapsible water bottles: Regular water bottles are okay as well, but these are way easier to transport. Refill them regularly. Like 10 times a day minimum. Seriously. You can find refill stations all over the festival. If you forget your bottle, water bottles are sold for $2, and if you turn in 10 empty ones you can get a free one!
  4. Earplugs: Okay, apparently I was so not in the know with this. Did you know you can get earplugs that don’t muffle the sound of music so you can jam out without worrying about hearing loss? Me either. But thanks to Anne I found out and I am so very grateful. Get some, and ensure you can keep going to Coachella (and be able to hear the music) for many years to come!
  5. Hand held, battery powered fan: Hold it up to your face and just pretend you are at a photo shoot or something. Be one with the breeze. Enjoy it. And bring extra batteries.
  6. Setting spray: No one wants their makeup to be gone .5 seconds after stepping outside. Highly recommend splurging on a good setting spray, like All Nighter by Urban Decay. If you are on a budget, NYX setting spray is also really good and a bit more cost effective
  7. Comfortable shoes or orthotics: Ok hear me out. If you are wearing new shoes (which lets be real, how many of us bought a ton of new stuff to wear) orthotics are a life changer. They make almost any shoe comfortable. So those cute festival boots with the fringe you picked up that are adorable but not the easiest to have on for hours… throw a pair of orthotics inside and your feet with be like “OK I got this” for hours. Promise. If you’re too far gone, throw in a pair of foldable flats or flip flops if need to give your feet a break. Don’t be one of the people walking around barefoot at the festival, just trust me you don’t want to do that 😱.
  8. Bandaids: Do I really need to explain this one?
  9. Kombucha: This is a lifesaver and a hangover cure. Drink it before, during, and after you have had any alcohol and you will keep your buzz but feel more refreshed in the morning. Still drink plenty of water of course. But Kombucha is magic and you should just keep it in your life on the daily.
  10. Advil/Tylenol/Motrin/Pain med of choice: Always good to have on hand for any aches and pains that come with a ton of loud noise, alcohol and walking around.
  11. Yourself, and a readiness to have a blast!
  12. Sunglasses: also seems like a given but you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of forgetting these babies! Bring an extra pair just in case you lose one in the crowd. And on that point.. I would recommend not bringing any that are too expensive or irreplaceable. Coachella has a way of claiming things 🤷🏼‍♀️
  13. Toilet paper/baby wipes: as you can imagine, with the huge crowds that Coachella draws in the toilet paper in the porta potties runs out FAST! Don’t be caught pants down and yelling for a friend to bring you some. Pack a small Ziploc of baby wipes or toilet tissue for emergency.
  14. Hand sanitizer: just as baby wipes may come in use for more than you expect, you will definitely want to clean your hands before digging into some of the awesome food stands in the festival.

Who is going to Coachella weekend 1?? We would LOVE to meet you if you will be there! Comment here or on our Instagram and lets all dance to Beyonce together.



The Princess Collective

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