Behind the Bound: Scar

This Dapper Day was filled with friends, food and of course.. Disneybounding! Our amazing friend Naomi who we met Spring Dapper day 2017, invited us this fall to join her Vintage Glam Villains Group. We know it’s been a few months since Dapper Day but Disneybounding is a year round event! So let’s take a look at my Scar Disneybound and you can get inspo for your next villainous adventure!

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.27.05 PM

When the theme was decided for our group look, I knew I wanted to be Scar! What I originally envisioned was a full length feather lined robe from Boudoir by D’lish seen below. Unfortunately, my budget for this Dapper Day look was way under the $399 price tag so I decided to do some soul searching.. On Amazon of course!

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 6.49.01 PMscreen-shot-2017-12-26-at-6-45-31-pm.png








I wasn’t sure what color to exactly call Scar.. tan, light brown, rust? It seemed like rust did the trick, I was definitely finding dresses the color I was picturing in my head! I ordered several Prime options with free returns since I knew I would only be keeping one. I decided to go with the option you saw in my final look! It allows you to tie the straps many different ways and is the perfect Scar coloring. I would also note that the color online isn’t very true to the coloring in person, as you can see it has a tinge of red which was perfect for me! I ordered a Medium in this dress, which you can check out yourself here, or by clicking the photo of the dress below.

Now for the rest of the look. I had given up on the long dream robe above, but I knew I still wanted some fur in the look to truly portray a lion. I turned to my second go-to, AliExpress for this faux fur cape. However, a similar version is also available on Amazon here. It took a bit over a month to get to me so I would recommend if you’re ordering from AliExpress that you do so with a lot of foresight! The wig is also from AliExpress, but likewise, took a month to get to me, I’ve put an alternative link/photo below from Amazon which will get to you far quicker!

Let us know what you thought about this Scar-bound below, and what villain you may want to see us do next!

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