Dapper Day Day 1: Unique Vintage

It is no secret that we adore dressing up in vintage style clothing. We LIVE for Dapper Day every season and start planning our outfits months in advance.

With all the craziness that this summer had to offer (new jobs, D23, Comic-con, you know the drill) Dapper Day crept up on us and then suddenly, it was time to pack for Anaheim!

Thanks to the AMAZING Hailey at Unique Vintage, we didn’t have any reason to stress. She helped us in selecting these beautiful dresses for our bounds as Dapper Elsa and Dapper Poison Ivy… or as we now fondly refer to her, Pam.

The Rita dress Kaitlin wore for Elsa is seriously the most comfortable dress ever. There are so many colors available, get it here, Kaitlin is wearing size Small. The fabric is breathable and stretchy. Fit wise, it was extremely true to size. We both totally plan on getting this in several other colors. Perfect for any pinup bounds! Anne wore the black version earlier this year as Vanessa for Pinup Parade!


Anne’s dress is one of our favorites. Find it here, Anne is wearing a Medium for reference! We both have it in several colors and it works for so many bounds as well! She looks STUNNING in green. The rich color complimented her skin tone and red wig so perfectly. The fit of this dress can be a little snug because there isn’t any stretch. But once you get the right size, it is utter perfection!


Who else loves Unique Vintage?? If you haven’t checked them out, their website is full of goodies, and if you live in the LA area, you can check out their beautiful shop in Burbank!

* please see our disclosure page for more information about our use of affiliate links used on the site. Your clicks help us keep this blog up and running! We may be compensated for purchases made from these linked items, but all gift ideas are our own and are no way influenced by outside parties. Click here for more on our Disclosure policy.

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