Behind The Bound: Through the Looking Glass

Hi everyone! Kaitlin here. So excited to share my bound inspo for Anne’s very Merry Unbirthday!

I was so excited for this theme. I love Alice in Wonderland and all of the bright colorful characters the story portrays. Initially, I had planned on being the White Rabbit. But, on a whim I ordered Lime Crime’s new Unicorn Hair dye in the rose gold hue. After that, I decided that Cheshire was the way to go.


It didn’t take me long to pull this look together. I went straight to the mecca… AKA Amazon to acquire every last one of my pieces.

The first thing I did was begin looking for some Cheshire striped socks. I had wanted some for a while, and figured I would just hit Hot Topic to grab theirs. But, I am nothing if not lazy. So I checked Amazon first. And Voila! These popped up, for about 40% less than the ones HT carries at $7.99, and they are actually thigh high which I love!


Next, I had to find the right purple top. I am not a huge fan of wearing jewel tones so this was a bit tricky for me. But this t-shirt was absolutely perfect. It matched the color scheme seamlessly and I loved that it had the stripe like cut outs on the sleeves. At only $14, I felt I could sacrifice my fear of jewel tones for a day.

   FullSizeRender 3

Last but not least, the ears. Because… I’m a cat, duh.

This darling little rhinestone headband was the perfect thing to top off my look, and the White Rabbit was a big fan.


Now, you may be thinking … hey, that skirt looks familiar. Well, thats because it is! I LOVE being able to recycle bounds. Being Cheshire for the day was the perfect excuse to break out my cheer skirt from Dapper Day, which was another AMAZING Amazon find!



As you can see if you look closely, my Amazon cart currently has a few more things in it… these mayyyy be for another big bound coming up this weekend that I can’t wait to share with you all! So excited to introduce you to more of our looks with this series.

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