Behind the Bound: Alice in Wonderland

Welcome to our new series: Behind the Bound! In this series we will be taking you into where you can find our outfits and the inspiration behind them! Have a favorite look we’ve done so far? Request a BTB in the comments below!

No time to read? Here’s the dress, wig, apron, backpackand shoes!









Alice’s Dress: The search for the perfect dress started on Amazon, where I can confidently say I do 99% of my shopping. However, I wasn’t finding the exact style of perfect blue color to pull off the Alice look and I felt betrayed! I started doing the generic google search: light blue wrap dress, sky blue dress, soft blue dress….there were so many options. BUT I was instantly drawn to a dress on Lulus!

I actually ordered a long option and a short option from Lulus since they had a free return policy. They also ALWAYS have sales. If you don’t see a sale happening, I recommend waiting because there is likely to be one within days. There is also always a 10% discount when you sign up for their mailing list so choose what will give you the best discount!

Here’s what I ordered:

Left: Call to Charms: Light blue

Right: Mythical kind of love: Slate Blue

I really did love both of them but when it came down to it, the light blue was just a much better fit for Alice color wise! I had heard from a friend that the brand tended to run small so I ordered a size up in both. 

Apron: I didn’t end up wearing the apron to the parks but I wore it to my Unbirthday tea party and it definitely pulled the whole look together. I ordered a kid’s size apron on a hunch that it would still fit me while also being the perfect length for my dress! After all, I didn’t want to cover up the entire dress and didn’t want it to cover my neckline. The ties were all long enough to tie around me! I loved how it ended up. Get it on Amazon here!

Backpack: Yes, I am fully aware of how ridiculous this backpack is. But I searched for MONTHS for a Dinah backpack and couldn’t find one. SOO second best was going to be a white rabbit bag! There was actually a surprising amount of room in the backpack as the pocket went the length of the bunny, and it acted as a snuggly stuffed animal to cuddle with. I put my “Happy Birthday” button on the bunny and at the pretzel stand, a cast member asked if it were my birthday or the bunny’s birthday.. I guess I now just look that person who celebrates my bag’s birthdays lol. But hey! I was willing to share my birthday with Mr. Rabbit. When we ran into the real White Rabbit he LOVED my bag and kept coming back for photo shoots with us!  Get it here

Wig: The original plan I had was that I would be blonde enough naturally to be Alice for my birthday.. but of course I overestimated by blonde-endeavor would take. So I last minute ordered a wig from Amazon that was from my favorite brand K’ryssma. I didn’t want to go too literal with the Alice yellow hair/bangs look and I thought there were a million other costumes I could use the wig for in the future! It ended up being a great lace front that was really natural looking. Get it on Amazon here

Shoes: I’ve had these shoes forever (like literally 6 years) and they are still going strong! I highly recommend them for any Disney day- they have good support and don’t rub. They are from Jessica Simpson’s shoe line and you can get them on Amazon, here!

Tie it all together with a big black ribbon in your hair and you’re ready for the tea party!


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