Mickey Taco Night with Milk & Eggs

Milk and Eggs has to be one of my new favorite delivery services, and that’s saying a lot from a girl who is addicted to Postmates and Instacart. I was so excited to work with them to put together a fun Taco Tuesday recipe on my Instagram story. However, after truly falling in love with the outcome I wanted to share it here with you guys as well! I mean, just look at how cute this snack is! It’s a perfect kid-friendly, EASY, and scrumptious addition to your Taco Tuesday routine!

Ingredients: Corn Tortillas, Avocados, Cilantro, Tomato, Lime, Vegetable Oil, and seasoning to your taste for the guac

Step one: Cut out your Mickeys! For this, I referenced a photo of Mickey Mouse on my phone and cut the design into my first tortilla. Once I had an initial outline I was happy with I used this tortilla to cut the shape into the rest of the tortillas. If if you want to make it easy, pick up some of these Mickey cookie cutters from Amazon, it will make the process much faster!

Step two: Cook your Mickeys! Use your choice of Canola or Vegetable oil and get that heated up in a pan. Once it’s hot, you can start cooking your chips. I had to cook mine one by one because of the small size of my pan as well as how large I had made the Mickey shapes. Once flipped and cooked, you can set the done chips on a paper towel to absorb any excess oil.

Step three: Get that guac going. Scoop out your avocados and mix in salt, chopped up tomato, lime juice and whatever other seasoning you usually like in your salsa. Mash together until desired consistency is achieved. Side note, I learned a tip about limes. Poke a hole in one end and squeeze to get juice. Keeping the lime almost completely closed will prolong the life of the lime for other recipes and you can toss it back in the fridge.

Step four: Enjoy!

Do you have any other fun Disney recipes you’d like us to make? Comment below!

Mickey Chip

All product for this recipe was provided by Milk & Eggs but recipe, thoughts, and remarks are completely my own.


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