Dead Men Tell No Tales…. But Sometimes They Do.

Who here loves all things Captain Jack (Sparrow, of course)? Anne and I certainly do. So when I learned there was a fan event for “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” at the historic El Capitan theater, I did everything in my power to make sure I had the day off work and a dress to wear. Unfortunately, Anne wasn’t able to attend. But don’t worry… I gave her a very unspoiled play by play the entire day.

I attended the event with our friends Jesa and Chanelle. There was a costume contest which of course I wanted to be a part of. But last minute plans and lack of free time left me with little to no resources to get it together. Instead, I purchased a gorgeous Caribbean blue maxi dress from Alice and Olivia and told anyone who would listen that I was the ocean.

The event was truly a blast. They opened with members of the cast greeting the audience and telling us their favorite moments from filming the original movies. We watched with a crowd full of die hards as they played “The Curse of The Black Pearl” and all got extremely hyped for the new film. The theater continued to fill our themed popcorn buckets and kept us in endless supply of caffeinated beverages throughout the evening. They also handed out t-shirts, posters, chocolate and pins in gift bags for us all to commemorate the evening with.

While we didn’t participate in the costume contest, that didn’t stop us from finding our favorite fans and cheering for them loudly as the graced the stage. Obviously, the kids were our winners. It takes a lot of courage to walk around fully dressed as a character and so many kids did it with ease. There were two boys even having sword fights in the lobby with stuffed parrots on their shoulders. Who ever their parents are… #winning.

Finally it was time to watch the new movie. Now, while I love the characters in the “Pirates” universe, I was more or less disappointed with “At Worlds End” and “On Stranger Tides” so I was equally as anxious as I was excited. I didn’t really have expectations as Disney hadn’t released too many details about the plot. Which truthfully, I think made me enjoy the movie more.

Thankfully, neither of us were disappointed with this final edition to the Pirates series. Will and Elizabeth finally got their happy ending, Barbosa was redeemed, and we got some more time with Captain Jack. So all was well on our end.

What did you think of Pirates 3?



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