Goth Ice Cream?!?! We tried it!

Yep, you heard us, there is finally an ice cream to match our solid black goth hearts. Little Damage is the home of the hyped up gothic ice cream in LA. While we have heard stories of people waiting over an hour in line, we were able to avoid the wait by heading there on a Wednesday night. While the reviews on Yelp were mixed, let us just tell you that this ice cream lived up to the hype, we LOVED it. We also love that Little Damage is fully aware of their Instagram-able shop, and there are strategically placed details everywhere and even a photobooth that makes for the perfect Instagram photo.

The flavors here change periodically, so be sure to check out the flavors on their Instagram or website, when we went the black ice cream was Horchata flavored, and it was delish! Check out some photos from our visit below and let us know what crazy food you’d like us to try next!



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