Pinup Parade in Unique Vintage

If you haven’t caught on yet, you should probably know that we are huge fans of Pinup. As far as either of us are concerned, its the best form of dress… especially for Disney Bounding. Which is why it is so awesome that there are so many unofficial Pinup/Vintage events at Disneyland. We make it our mission to attend all of them dressed to impress. For those of you wondering how to find out about these events, we find most of them organized through Facebook and Instagram! Make sure to follow Pinup Girl Clothing to see the events they put on at Disney!

This year, we decided to spend the night in Anaheim last minute and booked an AirBnB. For anyone planning an impromptu Disney weekend, we can’t recommend this option enough. For less than $50 total we stayed in a lovely home just 5 minutes from the parks. If you are doing Disney on a budget it is definitely something to look into!

We got in late that night and decided to take it easy by going to Trader Sam’s, kicking back and listening to some live Moana music and enjoying the amazing cocktails they offer and our favorite shrimp tacos. Then we headed back to our room to watch Pirates of the Caribbean and get some rest before the day ahead of us.

We met up with our friend Kelsey (who FINALLY GOT A PASS AGAIN… yes we are that excited Kelsey, deal with it) in the parks. Dressed in some amazing items from Unique Vintage, we bounded as none other than Cinderella and Vanessa. You can get Kaitlin’s blue dress here, and Anne’s black number here, and purple petticoat here. We honestly are obsessed with these dresses, thank you UV!

IMG_3352 2

Now… you all know who Vanessa is, right? If you don’t, first off shame on you. Second… here is some education. Vanessa is the pretty woman Ursula transforms herself into in “The Little Mermaid” to bewitch Prince Eric from falling in love with Ariel. Cool… now  we are all on the same page right?


Anne’s costume couldn’t have been more obvious. She had everything covered. Black and purple dress? Check. Crown? Check. Magical seashell necklace? Also check. So of course we though it was only appropriate that we go find Ariel and let her know… we had her voice.

Only one little problem… Ariel literally had no clue who Anne was. We all gave her hints. Anne even said she had been stealing mermaids voices. Did this Ariel get it? Nope. Someone needs to go watch their movie before coming to work.

Despite Ariel’s mishap… we had a great time meeting other princesses. I did plenty of twirls with Snow White and discussed fairy godmothers and glass slippers with Cinderella. Anne had some heart to heart time with the Evil Queen (who btw 100% got who she was dressed as). And then…. it was time for our favorite part of the day: changing into leggings, sweaters, jackets and sneakers and riding rides and eating all the food and drinking all the drinks. Because even princesses need some time off.


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