Four Cheers for Dapper Day

IMG_6733We pulled on our socks, tied our spotless white Keds, did some test twirls in our skirts, grabbed our sparkly poms and were ready for Game Day… I mean Dapper Day! If Disneyland were a high school, we all know Dapper Day would be homecoming and we were ready to cheer Disneyland on to a victory! For those of you don’t know what Dapper Day is, it is an unofficial event at most of the Disney Parks (California, Florida, and Paris) where everyone can come dressed in their finest dapper outfits, vintage or modern, and mingle with other fabulously dressed Disney patrons. Another Dapper Day must is visiting the Expo at the Disneyland Hotel, the perfect one stop shop for photo ops, dancing, and shopping! I would consider this the perfect place to get an outfit if you are totally new to the Dapper Day style.


T’was the Monday before Dapper Day and we finally checked the weather.. which predicted a whopping 98 degrees on Sunday.. and we had been planning on wearing turtlenecks.. yikes! We had to reassess quickly and ended up with the sleeveless option you have seen in all our photos, which means we need to revisit the turtlenecks some other time when it gets cold!

As we had spent the night in Anaheim at the Hotel Menage, we were a quick drive away from Disneyland, and our first stop was dropping by the Dapper Day Expo to meet up with our photographer friend Ed who we had met a few weeks ago at Coachella! Ed Carasco took some amazing group shots of us that you can find on the OC Weekly Slideshow, and down below, we even made it into the print version of OC Weekly, and of course we ran to tell our mom’s, who were super proud of our *leaping* accomplishment.


With the day already off to a great start, we were on a mission to find food, and fast, before we lost our cheery demeanor! We went to grab pasta in California Adventure at a restaurant only Autumn had tried before, called Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta. IMG_2672This food court style restaurant was perfect to fit the needs of our group’s different dietary restrictions! Then we were off to the Pier after the great decision to all buy Mickey shaped Ice Cream bars.. I mean how adorable would the photos be, right? Well, it was only cute until the ice cream started melting, and apparently my Elsa ice powers weren’t working to keep them solid! So in a rush, and quite a bit of a mess, we devoured our Mickeys and went to mingle with some other Disneybounders.

With the remainder of our day we park hopped quite a few times, came up with some cheesy cheer chants, ran into new and old friends, and ate our favorite Parmesan fries at Cafe Orleans. Overall, quite a success! While we aren’t sure what we will dress up as next Dapper Day you can rest assured knowing we will give it our all!

LA Weekly snapped our photo with the main Dapper Day Expo Photo Op!

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