Our Dapper Day Hotel Experience at Hotel Menage

When we knew we would be doing both days at Dapper Day this year we decided it would be beneficial to have a weekend getaway in Anaheim. Thankfully we had some hotel points with Starwood rewards and were able to book a night at the Hotel Menage which is just about 1 mile away from the parks.

We were extremely excited about this property because not only was it close by, but it advertised a shuttle service to and from Disney property. So we packed our bags and headed there for a fun filled Dapper weekend!

Upon arrival, we found the staff extremely friendly and accommodating. They allowed us to park our car before check in and also let us add our friends who would be staying with us to the reservation so that they could drop off their things when they arrived without us being present.

Parking was $14, which we had found online beforehand so that wasn’t too much of an issue. But one thing that was not advertised was the shuttle to the parks not being free. A huge bummer for us because we were not under the impression that we were going to have to pay for parking and a shuttle service. Since we have free parks parking on our annual passes, we opted to not use the shuttle and just drive to the parks instead.

When we got back that evening, our room was clean and comfortable. Perfectly acceptable for a nights stay… or so we thought.

The room got extremely hot throughout the night, and the air conditioner was about as loud as a freight train. But we couldn’t open the window either because the noise from outside the room was even worse. None of us got much sleep that night due to heat and noise.

Full disclosure, the hotel is under renovation. I am sure there are plenty of kinks that have yet to be worked out.

Given its proximity to the parks, the cleanliness and the staff, we would consider staying again once the renovation is complete.

Our one tip… make sure to book a room that DOES NOT overlook the freeway if you want a good nights sleep.

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