Dapper Day at Disneyland: Day 1

Disneyland is our favorite place every day of the year, but Dapper Day is extra special. Large numbers of people show up in their vintage best, and then the tourists look around all confused and bewildered as to what is going on. It is absolutely amazing. There is also a fantastic expo at the Disneyland Hotel where vendors come to showcase their talents and merchandise.

This year we decided to go for the entire weekend to get the most Dapper experience possible. It took months of planning to get our outfits together, and thanks to Kristen at The Charmed Comb, we had a couple of fun additions we could add to our looks.

As per usual we bounded as princesses. Anne was Elena of Avalor in her adorable red Pin Up Girl Clothing ensemble paired with the cutest guitar purse to top off the look. I was Aurora in this vintage number I found over Christmas in a random mom and pop shop in Oklahoma. I also grabbed this darling Aurora mini tiara from Fairytale Wigs which fit perfectly on our wig from The Charmed Comb.


All day long we received compliments from cast members and other park guests. We got some hugs from some really cute kids who, in passing, thought we were the characters.

Then we experienced something new at Disneyland… which is surprising considering how often we go.

We got in trouble. Yep folks, we got a bit reprimanded. You see… it was extremely hot on Day 1. Worse than Coachella. And vintage clothing isn’t the most breathable. So we found a shaded bench in Fantasyland and took a seat to fan ourselves off and look through some photos from the morning.

Sitting was a mistake. Within minutes there was a line forming of small children and their parents asking to take photos with us. Now, I genuinely want to know… when a little  kid all clad in their favorite Disney wear comes up to you at Disneyland and starts to hug you and tell you they love you and want a photo… what are you supposed to do? Anne and I did our best to let them know we WERE NOT the characters while still trying to keep the magic alive. We saw the cast members starting to circle us and said our names very loudly to try and give the parents a hint that hey… we can’t really do this cause rules. Parents literally didn’t care.   IMG_2425

One very nice cast member approached us to let us know that she thought we looked incredible, but that security had been alerted to the situation and if a line continued to form, we would be asked to leave. At the time, it was scary and alarming. In hindsight, I am more thinking ‘hey Disney, if we look so much like characters that kids are literally stopping and running to us… why did you never hire us at all those auditions we went   to?’ But… I digress.


We kept moving throughout the day, and ended up meeting our friends Autumn and Chelsea at the expo later in the evening. From there we bought some great vintage pieces, grabbed some drinks at Trader Sam’s, met some new princess friends and then headed back to our hotel for some rest before day 2!




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