Coachella Day 3: Nylon, Swag, and Lorde

If I told you that after our pool party and Gaga filled day 2 that we still had energy left to spare… I would be lying. The thing about The Princess Collective is…. we really like our sleep. So after a day full of parties and raging out to the Queen herself, we were done. But we still had a day to power through! So we put on a smile and headed out to the Nylon Happiest Hour party.


Guys, this may have been the best decision we made all weekend. The party itself was insanely chill. We were given Kombucha upon arrival which definitely helped us feel a little more human. From there, it just felt like Christmas Day had begun. Nike gave us amazing new sports bra’s, Foster Grant handed over enough sunglasses to last us the rest of our lives, and Batiste made sure we had plenty of dry shampoo for those days where washing your hair just feels like a chore. But, the highlight of all the amazing products we were given was the bag full of Milk cosmetics. It included everything from highlighter, to lip gloss and their coveted blur stick. To top it all off, Electric Sky wines hooked us up with enough wine to get us through the week…. wine is extremely important when you are a princess. We were definitely in heaven at Nylon.

IMG_6145  IMG_6867

With our swag bags in hand, we did a quick wardrobe change, loaded the car up and headed back to Coachella. Once in the Rose Garden, it became extremely apparent how tired Kaitlin was. But she still looked amazing in her Bettie Page bikini, Lucky Brand skirt and her Foster Grant sunnies.   IMG_1995

The highlight of the evening was definitely Lorde’s performance. Girl can own the stage! If Gaga was the Queen of the weekend, Lorde was the princess. She has really come into her own as a performer. Her new music was absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to get her album in June!

After that, it was time to head home. The first stop though… Jack in the Box. Road food is always a must.

The Princess luck was still with us on the way home with clear roads guiding us back into LA. From there, we all collapsed into our beds… and we are still in recovery.

Thank you to everyone who made this Coachella weekend a possibility! We had an absolute blast. And now…. onto Dapper Day =)

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