Coachella Day 1: The Drive, Bettie Page, and Artist Passes

Guys… The Princess Collective totally took Coachella.

In a very last minute turn of events we ended up not only getting into several events in the desert, but also had tickets to the festival gifted to us… but more on that later.

So in one week we packed up Kaitlin’s car, grabbed our good friend and AMAZING seamstress Alexandra and made our way into the desert heat. Surprisingly enough, we had the luck of true princesses on the drive out, there was no traffic. For anyone who has ever tried to drive from LA to Indio on Coachella weekend, you know that is nothing short of a true Easter Miracle, and the miracles just kept coming.


When we were gifted these tickets we were given a location to pick them up at. We drove there first expecting to be given GA wristbands and go on our way.

But that’s not exactly what happened…. we got in line, showed our credentials and the next thing we knew we had wristbands with a bear on them. To say we were confused was an understatement. So, we did what any millennial would do, headed back to the car and started googling/asking Facebook what exactly these wristbands did.

Turns out, they were not GA. They were not VIP. They were Artist Guest passes. Which is about the highest level you can get without actually being an artist. So if the person who gave us these passes is reading (which I hope you are) THANK YOUx10000000!!! Having these passes meant we got into all VIP areas and also got to travel backstage to get from venue to venue in golf carts. We also were able to get into our own viewing area right in front of the stages, so we could truly soak in all the action.


From there we headed to the festival! The first day there weren’t really any artists we were extremely hyped to see, so instead we walked around and rocked our AMAZING outfits by one of our favorite brands, Bettie Page. The crop top and short combos were so perfect for the weather in the desert. We can’t wait to wear them again! They will be so perfect for summer Disney days. Find links to all the items below!

FullSizeRender 2

Throughout the festival we met up with some of our friends, checked out the food and the beautiful rose garden, and then headed back to our hotel. Sleeping was a huge priority because we had a big day planned for day 2… which we can’t wait to tell you about later =).

Outfit Details:

We are wearing the Bettie Shorts paired with Bettie Wink Top, Anne in Motel print and Kaitlin in Sailboat print!

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