Red Rose Taverne: The Good, The Bad and The Grey Stuff

Let me start off by telling you that NO ONE was more excited to try out the Red Rose Taverne than Kaitlin and I were. Once the word was out about the opening, we were there the next day to try the grey stuff and attempt to grab the mysterious glowing red rose cups we had seen so much about in one of our Disney Facebook groups.


If Disney knows how to do anything, it’s how to completely immerse their attendees into a whole new world (see what I did there?)  The decoration of the Taverne is spotless, from detailed murals eluding to the enchanted castle, to Gaston’s marvelous antler decorations, you find yourself in what will become your favorite new place in Fantasyland. The first time we went, each step brought us something new to gush over. At the same time, we were also very hangry from waiting in line. So, while we were excited to finally be inside, we were having a hard time focusing on anything else besides what we would be shoveling into our mouths.

Side note: Please be advised that getting a photo in front of some of the best spots, such as the Rose stain glass window or Gaston’s portrait, takes a lot of patience. It also may or may not require you and your friends to stand on chairs, use three iPhones flashlights for lighting, or wait around a group of people eating for 20 minutes until they are finished and open up the window spot. On the bright side, the photos are totally worth it.











Well, if you didn’t stand in at least one horrible line, did you even go to Disneyland? We hopped in line around 10AM, as we always seem to run behind when it comes to getting to the park. The line honestly didn’t seem atrocious. If we were not already hangry as I mentioned above we probably could have sucked it up for a bit longer. I think it took about an hour in total from line to our food pick-up. However, the worst part of waiting in line was the announcements that kept coming from the employees:

“Only two Rose cups per person,” they shouted, as we first got in line. The prospects of getting a cup seemed pretty hopeless, this seemingly endless mass of people in front of us were all going to be able to get two cups? Our fates were sealed when they stopped five parties ahead of us and told them they would be the last to receive cups for the day. It was pretty much like they had just received a rose from Chris Harrison, a big fat glowing rose, in a cup, that is. There was a big collective sigh from all that were behind these lottery winning Disney-goers.

Yet, we persisted, we HAD to try the grey stuff, right?


To sum it up, the Grey Stuff was delicious, as promised! We almost thought we wouldn’t be able to try said Grey Stuff, as our cashier seemed to have an intense dislike for the two of us and told us there was no more. Shout out to the cashier next to her, who double checked for us and found there was enough Grey Stuff for us and the rest of the Beauty and the Beast Fanatics in line. Disaster avoided!

I want to also talk about some of the food options at the Red Rose Taverne. As a vegetarian, it can be pretty hard to find a nutritious meal at Disney that is not a salad. I really like the “Enchanted Cauliflower Sandwich,” which had a bit of a kick with the spicy lime aioli and plated with a side of fries. I’ll definitely be back for this, which I prefer over the vegan burger at the Carnation Cafe. Kaitlin had the “Poutine Flatbread” and considering she didn’t speak while her food was in front of her, I’m guessing she was pretty impressed. You can check out the rest of the menu here.

So let us know below, did you think the grey stuff was delicious? Did we miss anything you wanted to know about the Taverne? Tell us below in the comments and on our Instagram!


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