Tale as Old as Time

Sometimes, when we take a trip to Disney we indulge a bit at the Cove Bar. Their cocktails are the best I’ve ever had…. So I tend to have a couple. What happens after that is a bit unpredictable.

Around February, we took a trip with our dear friend Kayla and in the midst of a Black Pearl infused evening, discovered that Kohl’s had a Beauty and the Beast collection for adults (Ok Juniors but whatever…) and it was on sale

It took about .5 seconds for us to have our cards out ready to go. We chose these dresses that pay homage to Belle’s incredible Royal Celebration dress she wears at the end of the film (while Audra McDonald FLAWLESSLY belts out the theme song I might add…).

You can currently still find these dresses on Kohl’s website! They are wonderful for spring and I will probably be wearing mine more often than what is socially acceptable.
P.S. Should Kaitlin be a brunette this winter? Place your votes here

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